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Michigan Child Support Calculator 2013 issue

Novi, MI |

2 minor children, one child with each parent. For example, father is custodial parent for son and non-custodial parent for daughter; Mother is custodial parent for daughter and non-custodial parent for son. overnight days stay with the child about the same for each parent as custodial parent . Does anyone has Michigan Child Support Calculator 2013 to calculator this kind of case? Google online, it seems like all the Michigan Child Support Calculator is only for situation like one parent is custodial parent for one or more children and anther parent is non-custodial parent for one or more children.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You seem to be posting a lot of questions. You really might want to talk to an attorney as your situation probably needs the attention of an attorney even though pretty much everything is agreed upon. It is important to have this drafted correctly. Fees for an already agreed upon settlement will be a lot less.

  2. There are so many criteria and calculations that go into determining child support under the Michigan Child Support Guidelines, that it would be impossible to answer this question without you providing a lot of information. If you don't have attorneys, (and even if you do), you can request a Friend of the Court investigation which will result in a child support recommendation. There is no additional charge for you to obtain this recommendation (at least in the counties in which I practice).

    However, if you and your husband can agree as to support and parenting time, and the judge feels that your agreement is reasonable, you can skip the Friend of the Court investigation.

    Best of luck to you,

    John J. Keenan

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  3. The Michigan Child Support Formula has a calculation for split custody. Oakland County uses Springfield Publication's "Prognosticator." As stated by others, more information is needed in order to make the calculation, such as income of the parties, payments for healthcare coverage for the children, number of overnights each child spends with each child, etc. While it was suggested that you could request a review of child support, once such a request is made, you will put "in line" with others who have made the same request. You could retain a family law attorney to file a motion for modification of any existing Order (or for an Order if one does not exist...providing there is a case that's been filed), but a statute now calls for payment of a fee for a modification, and the amounts charged by counties differ. It is unclear whether or not there is a case pending or closed, or if you are merely trying to find out what each would be required to pay in the event of a divorce or support action.

    Neil M. Colman

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