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MI tort personal injury law, car was damaged going through a carwash, what is owner's responsibility

Waterford, MI |

Car damaged going thru carwash.I went thru the car wash as usual,heard a strange different noise and it seemed something locked up. As I exited the wash I told the attendent he said not to worry car washes make noises. As soon as I returned home I mentioned this to11yr son. I went and looked at my car and their where scratches on the top of my back bumper. Idrove back to the car wash the assistant manager admitted he heard the noise,but to come back tomorrow and talk with the manager. I did he said it could not of happened. He said he would have the owner callme. It been a week today and no call. I know it happened there because I had just cleaned the insideof my car and unloaded a few things .My husband needed my car empy to pick up our Boy Scout Popcorn.If those scrathes had been there I would have seen this. It's so upseting that they do seem to believe me.

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I suggest that you your next step is to write a letter to the owner. The employee may not have mentioned it to the owner. You can usually look up the owner information online at the property appraiser website. It would be helpful if you have an estimate for the cost of the repair to your vehicle when you write to the owner as well.

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The owner is liable if you can prove that the damage happened at the car wash and that will be difficult. Prepare a letter of notice and mail it to the car wash "attention: owner". Or, visit the car wash and ask to see the owner. Take good pictures of the damage and take them with you. The car wash, most likely, has insurance for this type of occurance. Ask him to notify his insurance company; if he doesn't, he may forfeit his right to coverage under Michigan law. Good luck.

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