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While I was in a rehab facility I was treated by a podiatrist who did not get any consents signed take any office notes and over billed or the procedures he preformed It turns out I know someone who worked for him He was previously invesstigated for medicare /medicaid fraud Can I report him and get a percentage of any recovery

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Ian A. Scharg

Ian A. Scharg

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There are very strict rules for whistleblower claim. It's called a qui tam action, and under it you would bring an action on behalf of the US. You would sue under what is called the False Claims Act. However, it is highly technical and you should retain an experienced qui tam attorney if you are considering being a qui tam plaintiff

In terms of percentage of recovery it varies depending on the amount of recovery. I believe as the relator of information you would be entitled to 15-25% of whatever is recovered, however, you need to consult an attorney to figure out your options.

You need to consult an attorney as there is a lot of complex issues that need to be addressed.

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