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My father passed as a a result of an improper surgical procedure. The insurance company has agreed to settle out of court and pay the policy limits to avoid the filing of a suit. I am my father's only child and have been appointed the representative. My grandmother is the other beneficiary who has a severe problem with gambling. Her brother passed a few years ago and she inherited $30,000. She went to various casinos and depleted the money within 2 months. I fear that with a larger amount (six figure settlement) she will do the same. As the representative, what legal rights do I have to enforce that she receive structured payments on a monthly basis. This money was a result of the death of my father and I wanted to ensure that it is used properly.

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My grandmother and I are very close and want to take the best possible route to not damage the relationship while ensuring that she is responsible with the money.

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    Answered . Reach an agreement with grandma where the money stays in trust for both of you. A certain amount can be disbursed initially and yearly thereafter.

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    Answered . Are the two of you represented by the same attorney? Discuss these issues with your attorney. Generally speaking it really isn't up to you how the proceeds are paid to your grandmother and unless she is declared inconpetent then it is her choice.

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    Answered . I agree with my fine fellow attorney. On a side note, anytime anyone says you are getting the "policy limits" ask for the declaration page for the policy that shows it.

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    Answered . Speak to your attorney about working with an estate planning attorney and financial planner in your area to put together a "settlement trust." In many cases, financial products such as annuities, etc. are used to prevent dissipation of assets from such settlements, and of course there is the implemetation of death benefits, which is likely important given your grandmother's advanced age. My Maryland admitted colleagues can certainly assist.

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