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Medical Malpractice-Counselor breached my confidentiality RCW 70.02.020 by writing declaration for ex-wife.

Redmond, WA |

I visited a marriage counselor in May 2011 and signed the confidentiality agreement, during a 3 year highly contentious divorce proceeding 100% focused on child custody. In a recent attempt to Modify the custodial agreement, the counselor wrote a declaration for my ex-wife, without my authorization. I am willing to pay for the litigation, not seeking a contingency.

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You should start consulting with lawyers (telephone should suffice) to determine your rights, and find an attorney that you would work well with. Make sure you understand his/her fee structure, and what this may cost you before you sign any contract.

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This isn't really a medical malpractice claim. It is a breach of confidentiality -- which implicates federal (HIPPA) and state laws. Often times there are statutory damages in addition to actual damages you sustained. I would find an attorney in your area that deals with this type of litigation. Best of luck.

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I agree you should talk with an attorney. The rules regarding confidentiality are very strict and important.

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