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Mediation was a circus. What kind of lawyer for trial should I hire?

Miami, FL |

Mediation was a circus. I noticed from the beginning the mediator was favoring the other party. My wife makes the same amount of money than me, and he was putting child support about $ 500. Then, the other party did not wanted to give me the weeks I am entitled during the Summer. The Gal who at was first on my side, she is different now. She does not wants to give me my 50 50 parental rights because we do not get along she said. Who can get along with a woman who think she is perfect, has abused me, and her own child? Well, no agreement was reached as I expected and now we will have to go to trial. I guess I will need a lawyer now. I guess other lawyers take advantage of individuals acting Pro Se. Is a family lawyer what I will need?

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    Consult with the Miami Dade bar association for a referral to a good family law attorney. If your mediation was difficult pro se, your trial will be exceedingly hard. The Dade bar has a low cost legal panel . Get help for the trial.

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  2. Yes, you need a family lawyer. You can use the search tool here on Avvo to find a local attorney experienced in family law.

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  3. I would suggest you speak with any friends who have been through divorce and ask them for referrals. Specifically ask them what they admired about their attorneys and what bothered them. You will need to find a trial lawyer that fits your needs. You ay also contact the state bar for a referral and the meanings of family law specialist designations and labels. based upon the procedural posture you describe, you need a zealous trial advocate, not a collaborative specialist. Good luck.

  4. You do need a family law attorney. Find one you feel comfortable with as soon as possible to allow him/her the most amount of time to come up to speed on the case. Do not wait till the last minute to find one.

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