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Mechanical breakdown insurance

Marietta, GA |

I have full coverage with GEICO with $250 deductibles and that includes MBI. Haven't had an accident in 13 yrs. I bumped a curb or median and now have an alignment problem and the light stays on. Didn't file a police report since my vehicle did not suffer body damage much less the curb. Might as well use my insurance. Will they raise my rate for something this minor? If I file a mechanical claim would that be fraud? I could say the car isn't steering right or it's not steering right because I bumped the median making a turn (single 'collision')?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. If you have collision or comprehensive coverage on this vehicle and cost of repair exceeds the deductible by a lot, and if policy is worded to allow coverage for this event, then it may be worth turning in. This is controlled by the contract. Your concern about fraud concerns me. You must be completely honest. I would not expect this to have much if any impact on premiums with your good record if you shoot straight.

  2. You should get an appraisal and determine whether the amount is significant enough to justify making a claim.

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  3. In making a claim with your insurance, I would suggest calling your agent or claim hotline and honestly explaining exactly what happened. Read through your policy to be sure you understand how the coverage is supposed to work. Then, based upon estimates of the cost of repair versus your deductible, decide whether the claim is worth making.

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