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Me ex's parents paid the remainder of my bill of a parenting evaluation. They want it back now. Do I legally owe them?

Seattle, WA |

The new parenting plan isn't signed but he is trying to force me to use it. I want to go to mediation to hammer out details. He wont agree to mediation until I pay back his parents. The plan seems a bit ill-logical, but he thinks it perfect. I cannot agree, because I cannot pay for what is in the plan. There are also 2 versions and he is claiming he is entitled to the same school district schedule although he is getting his Ph.d in Canada.

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    Your ex has made the mistake of forcing you to seek legal advice. Take advantage of the delay he is causing by getting educated about your options. It sounds like there is more work to do on your parenting plan. Consulting for an hour with an experienced family law attorney should give you an excellent idea of what the parents and child are really entitled to in a parenting plan and what the process will be to finish your case.

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  2. If there is a court order specifying that you are to pay a portion of the fee and they lent you the money, then yes, you legally owe them. If you can't come to an agreement , then you go to trial. Prior to going to trial though, in King County you will have to attend a settlement conference which is like a mediation. There are ways to get a free settlement conference in place if you act in a timely manner and schedule the conference well before trial.

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