Me and this girl have been going back and forward for a month now and she told the resource officer that i was showing pictures

of her in her bra and panties to her 10 year old brother. So she went and got a group of her friends to side with her in the story. when the dean went though my phone and she seen that i had inappropriate pictures so basically making her story true. the deans took my ipod and gave it to the resources officer for evidence. So basically all i want to know is what are the that can be pressed against me as far as what is going to happen after all this is over? can someone please help me because i'm having major anxiety attack really bad and i'm just scared because I dont want to be a registered sex offender. i'm only 18

Pensacola, FL -

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Eric J Trabin

Eric J Trabin

Criminal Defense Attorney - Winter Park, FL

Theoretically, you could be prosecuted for harassment/stalking, possession of child pornography (depending upon her age), transmission of child pornography, and the like. It really all depends on her age and what she is saying to the police. This is very, very serious. You need to hire a criminal defense attorney.

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Kevin Rindler Madison

Kevin Rindler Madison

Sexual Harassment Attorney - Austin, TX

The answer is yes and you already posted this on Avvo. Go see a criminal defense attorney now.

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