Me and my wife went for a green card interview to Atlanta, officer took the I 94 card but no decision what am I expecting?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Mobile, AL

The officer was extremely rude he made my wife cry when interviewing, interview was about 45 minutes long, some questions he asked didn't even make sense. He gave us really hard hard time in that office, however he kept my I94 card and told us he will review our interview and give us a call or type a letter if he needs anything before he approve the application. I wonder what is he going to do now and how long is it going to take.

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  1. Giacomo Jacques Behar


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    Answered . It all depends if the officer thought this is a real marriage entered into in good faith or a bogus one of convenience to get a green card. Only you know the answer to that one.

    It is normal for the officer to take the I-94 card, since once your green card is issued, you will no longer need it. I wonder if he also took your work permit and AP card as well or not. For if he did, that would have been the clearest sign your green card was approved.

    You will now need to be patient. USCIS gives itself up to 90 days after an interview to issue a decision on a case. You can schedule an InfoPass appointment after 30, days, call the nationwide 800 number, contact your congressperson., senator, etc. nothing will help. JSCIS will issue the decision when they'll feel like it. Again, you need to be patient.

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  2. Samuel Patrick Ouya Maina

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    Answered . He is going to review the file and your answers. If he needs more information he will request it. If not, he will issue a decision. Sorry that your wife had to endure his rude behavior.

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  3. Stephen Ross Cohen

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    Answered . If rules in your wifes favor take her out to dinner, if not then write a complaint letter documenting what he did to his superior.

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  4. Megan Viehe

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    Answered . Don't worry too much about it. They are required to take the I-94 card from you.

    You will get a decision by mail or a request for additional docs. How fast the case is done depends if the person who interviewed you is able to approve you or if they need a supervisor to sign off. You might get an approval very quickly, and it might take forever; that's how the Atlanta office works.

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