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Me and my friend traded a van for a car when i bought van had his moms name put on bill sale cant get car HELP!!!

Adams, WI |
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have signed statments from orignal owner stating she wasnt present and my friend is not 18 they admitted to a officer i payed for van to trade for jetta i had posessoin of jetta got tickets in jetta signed statments from mutual friends that i traded for this car i have a dependent child at home n cant get to work how do i get this car NOW!!! and can i press charges thay put new parts on car and i did not ok it its been 60 day from trade and they just put parts on it and changed price im lost need help please!!!!

it came out my account 5-10 minutes before bill of sale my bank card is still in car.this happend on 2/22/13 still no car bill of sale from them van blue books $2000 more then car

Attorney Answers 1

  1. This entire situation is a little strange. Unfortunately, there is not likely a quick remedy here; instead you may have to institute a legal action to get the seller to turn over the vehicle.

    I would suggest that you consult with a local attorney immediately. I can offer a free consultation in Wisconsin Rapids.

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