MCL, MCR or caselaw re:courts jurisdiction in CPPs for Termination of Parental Rights, when petitioner is non-offending parent?

Specifically, any related Legal precedence, case law, court rule or MCL re: non-offending parent petitioning to terminate respondent parents parental rights; when DHS did NOT step in and remove the child from respondents home, custody or care. How to establish courts jurisdiction, and right/justification to retain jurisdiction, over a child when CPS was not involved? 4 Grounds for termination are in evidence, but petition filed by parent, so how can 'the departments determination of risk of harm' MCL712A.2(b) be established without DHS' removal? Any caselaw where NON-AGENCY person ruled to have the AUTHORITY to determine risk of harm?! Can respondents incarceration at time of filing negate courts jurisdiction, argument being he couldnt PHYSICALLY present a 'risk of harm to the child'?

Howell, MI -

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Katrina Ann Martin

Katrina Ann Martin

Family Law Attorney - Novi, MI

I think that your course of action might better be served by having the non-offending parent file for sole legal and physical custody of the minor child. If granted, it would not terminate the rights forevermore, but it would strip the parent of rights to the child until such a time as that parent could establish to the court that there has been a change in circumstances.

I would seek the advice of an attorney in your area.

Michael J. Olson

Michael J. Olson

Child Custody Lawyer - Howell, MI

It is difficult but not impossible to terminate parental rights. It is not something you are likely be about to do yourself. If you would like a consultation on your specific issues, email me at

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