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May I file a claim against a probate estate if I'm a beneficiary?

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Due to complexities (mostly costs) associated with removing the negligent Executor, I'm considering simply filing at least one claim against the estate. The probate estate has been open for almost 2 years and the notice to creditors was just published three months ago. Can I file claims such as legal fees, stolen property (that the executor stole from me), inventory and accounting errors the executor made, labor to remodel and sell the probated house, etc.? Is there some list of what I can and cannot file a claim for?

The executor is refusing to pay me my part of the estate funds until I sign a release that releases the executor of all liability. Since the executor has been extremely negligent, I don't want to sign that. May I file a claim against the estate for my portion? Thanks

Would I have to appear in court regarding the claims? I live 2,000 miles away from the probate court and they don't have a method for me to appear by phone.

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These would not be considered proper "claims" against the estate. You can certainly complain to the court about the executor. Many states do not allow distributions to be conditioned on a release of claims. Practically, however, the executor is entitled to a legal defense of claims against him/her. If all the funds are distributed, then there is no money left for this defense. So there is a practical reason for the executor to request this. If you are intent on contesting the actions of the executor, then you obviously would not want to sign this form. Instead, I would contact an attorney who can bring your complaints to the attention of the court.

James Frederick

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Claims against the estate are for services, etc. prior to death. There may be other avenues you can select - but you should consult an attorney in the jursidiction where the estate is pending for assistance.

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Attorneys Frederick and McMahon are correct. I would strongly urge you to retain an attorney to assist you with this matter in the probate court. Good luck to you.

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