May I ask You question about immigration,please?

My asylum approved after 2 weeks of interview.When can I invite my parents to the USA to come and see me,I'm already missed them so so much. Thank You

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Ronald Jeffrey Tasoff

Ronald Jeffrey Tasoff

Immigration Attorney - Encino, CA

The grant of asylum does not give you any rights to bring your parents here (although it does make you spouse and children under 21 eligible). Basically, you will have to wait a year to apply for permanent residency and then after that status is granted another 5 years to apply for naturalization. Finally, when you are a US citizen you can petition for your parents to come as as permanent residents. That means it will probably be around 7 years from now because of processing delays.

However, you can get a Refugee Travel Document and travel to a 3rd country (DO NOT GO BACK TO THE COUNTRY FROM WHICH YOU WERE GRANTED ASYLUM BECAUSE THAT COULD RESULT IN YOUR ASYLUM STATUS BEING REVOKED.) Hopefully, your parents can meet you in that 3rd country. (Of course the obvious answer is that your parents could apply for tourist visas and come and visit you but somehow I dont think that is in the cards!).

I really hope that helps. As a father of 3 I'm sure that your parents miss you a lot as well. Good Luck!!!!

Ron Tasoff

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Robert West

Robert West

Immigration Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

Your parents can apply for a tourist visa. Whether they receive it or not depends on many factors. You could also obtain a reentry permit and meet them in a third country.

Mary Carmen Remigio Madrid-Crost

Mary Carmen Remigio Madrid-Crost

Immigration Attorney - Chicago, IL

Have them apply for a tourist visa so they can visit. They must have compelling reasons to return after the visit.

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