May have a claim of defamation and/or tortious interference with economic advantage against this contractor. ...

Asked almost 2 years ago - Union City, NJ

A third party sent me a text message from the contractor that did not have malicious intent.
Would that third party be required to testify?

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    Answered . You can conduct a deposition of a non-party and/or you can subpoena a non-party, so yes, you can obtain their testimony. Good luck!

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    Answered . Your attorney can obtain their testimony.

  3. Answered . You can Subpoena him/her to testify.

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  4. Answered . Yes it would be necessary for them to testify. The text message would have to be authenticated and it would be hearsay for you to try to testify about what the third person said to you.

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  5. Answered . I am unsure about the facts of your case as the listing did not have enough detail to tell me the particulars of what is going on with your personal injury case. However, if your requestion is can your attorney require someone to testify if you have a personal injury case that is filed in Court? Yes. Once a case is file, a party has the power to subpoena witnesses. If this is not the question, please post again.

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