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Maryland Divorce - Attorney or Online Divorce Service

Bethesda, MD |
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My wife and I are getting a divorce in Maryland. We own home and have two kids and assets over $400,000. It is amibacle split. Should we hire an attorney or can we use a online legal service?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Onliine services are good for ordering pizzas. But I wouldn't want to do an appendectomy or brain surgery by following online instructions. Washington state just shut down and online divorce company for complaints and having no attorney on staff. I have seen DC online forms that have the age that child support ends wrong.

    The more complicated your case, the more you need an attorney. Complications include children, alimony, a house, pensions plans, stock, etc.

    You can minimize the legal costs in your case by agreeing on issues in advance or by mediation if you are not able to reach agreement yourselves.

  2. Hiring an attorney would be a good decision, even if you believe the matter to be uncontested. There are lots of technical issues that you might run into and it can be frustrating. What’s worse, you might leave a loose end that might come back and bite you in the future. Generally, lawyers will give you a flat fee if the case stays uncontested. Our fees range from about 750 for the divorce petition and hearing. If you need a separation agreement to be drafted the fee is another 650. If you need all of the above, we charge $1500, plus the filing fees and service of process.

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