Married in California, never a resident there nor elsewhere in the US, need help on how to register a foreign divorce

Asked almost 2 years ago - Sonora, CA

My now ex wife and I are from Europe, and a few years ago decided to get married in California, though we were not residents there nor elsewhere in the US.

We have now divorced in our country of residence, and would need to know how to proceed in order to have the foreign divorce recognized in California.

I have verified with the local US consulate, but divorces are dealt with by States and not by Federal government, and browsing the Internet did not help too much.

Thanks for any help you might have.

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    Answered . If you were married in Europe, the State of California would recognize, the same goes for your divorce. You are divorced. You may need an official certified copy from the Court in Europe, but that is only IF the issue arises here in the United States. Best of luck.

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    Answered . There is no registry in California for foreign divorces (or marriages). A certified copy of the divorce is all that is required if need be in the future.

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    Answered . I am a former European Attorney that now practices in California as a California Attorney .
    I can help u to resolve that issue immediately.

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    Answered . I am not licensed in California. I defer to what my colleagues told you. Please consult with an attorney in your locality. I would only add that the situation in NY would be treated similarly. Best.

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  5. Answered . This looks the same in most US states: a certified and translated version of the foreign divorce decree should be all that you need.

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