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Marriage license in Muscogee County Georgia ?

Columbus, GA |

Hello . I have two questions but I will explain my situation first . I am 17 years old planning to get married in the Muscogee County courthouse . My mother has complete custody of me . My dad IS on my birth certificate , but he has never had any rights over me . 1 . Will he have to sign the consent form also ? even though he has no rights and my mother has custody ? 2 . Since my mother lives out of state , can we get a notarized consent form so she doesn't have to show up in person ? If so , how do I go about getting that ? Thank you a lot and I hope to hear back soon !

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1. No, if your parents are not living together, "parent" is defined as which parent has legal custody of you. 2. Yes, your mom can go to the probate judge in her county and consent to the marriage. She will be issued a document from the court that must be submitted to the court in your county so they have proof of consent. She will need to call the probate court where she is and ask them what their procedure is. Every state/county has their own processes. I know it's none of my business, but I would advise any younger person to think long and hard about their reasons for marriage. I'm not judging. I'm just saying it is a major life decision and there is no pressure for a woman of your age to be tying the knot. If you care to discuss, feel free to message me privately. I am not just a family law attorney, but a woman, a wife and a mother who remembers very well what it is like to be 17. Best of luck to you!

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