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Marriage in Poland to US citizen with dual citizenship (Polish and American)

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I am Polish citizen, currently living in Poland. My fiance is American (he was born in America) and Polish, currently living in the USA. We want to get married in Poland. Will our Polish marriage be legal in the US ? Will it let me cross the American border without any complications and let me work and live there legally?

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Yes, if the two of you follow the local rules for marriage in Poland, it will be recognized by the US government. No, the marriage license alone will not let you into the US. After marriage, he will have to file an I-130 (with other forms) and you will have to file a DS-230 (with other forms). The process can take from 3-12 months ... before you can legally enter and work in the US.

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Yes, if the marriage was legal in Poland it will be recognized by the US government. He will have to file a petition for you first and you will have to apply for an immigrant visa at the US Consulate. Once you are granted an immigrant visa you can come to the US and you will be able to live in the US and work legally.

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Yes your marriage will be legal in the US but you cannot come live in the US untill your husband petitions for a greencard (immigrant visa) for you. The process takes about 7-9 months and is complicated and requires proof that the marriage is genuine. Have your husband contact an immigration attorney. It is not a simple process.

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