Marriage certificate and license are the same thing according to Ohio state's laws?

Hello! My name is Elisa, I live in Lakewood, Oh. I' got married this february, on 23rd at Cuyahoga Probate Court from Cleveland, Oh. I'm Romanian and my husband is a US citizen, so I got the Conditional Green Card through marriage. I went to Romania in order to change my identity papers with my husband's name. The authorities don't want to accept my marriage license, accusing me it doesn't provide our marriage is real. They want a MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. Does Ohio Courts use the same form for marriage license and certificate or should i ask for a separate marriage certificate? I mention my application for marriage is dated February 8th 2012. Our wedding ceremony was fulfilled on February 23rd. All signatures, including the judge's, are on the same paper which is entitled Marriage License.

Lakewood, OH -

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Ala M. Hamayel

Ala M. Hamayel

Family Law Attorney - Columbus, OH

A marriage license is not the same thing as a marriage certificate. A marriage license says you are legally able to marry but it does not guarantee that you are married. A marriage certificate is the certificate that shows that the marriage was solemnized. You also probably received a small sheet of paper entitled Vital Statistics. That small paper, usually green in color, is your marriage certificate with all of your data.

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