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Marriage based interview coming up?

Tampa, FL |

My wife and I have our interview coming up soon. She has her EAD in hand. We also filed everything through an attorney which was filed April 2011 and we are just now getting our interview. Thing is our attorney is lazy and does not ever return phone calls. In the time she has been representing us we have probably talked to her 3 times. We asked if she could be present during our interview and she is asking for a $5,000 fee to come to our interview. Which I think is way too much. I talked to another lawyer which said they could come for half the price. My question is do we have to go with our lawyer which we currently have? or can we have another lawyer represent us the day of the interview? Even though he was not our lawyer to begin with? Thank You

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  1. Do you have a written fee agreement with your lawyer which details the services you will receive for the fee you have already paid?

    I have an associate in your area that will go for significantly less ... assuming that your present lawyer isn't obligated to fulfill her contract to your.

    Capriotti International Law

    FORMER IMMIGRATION LAW PROFESSOR -- LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This answer is offered for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.

  2. Way too much. Take a different attorney.

  3. The fee you mention is very high. I have practiced law for over 25 years in the State of Florida and do not charge anywhere near $5000.00 for a complete case or $2500.00 for an interview.

    Kyndra L Mulder, Esquire
    (904) 296-7702

  4. $5000 just to go to an interview? Way too much. You have the right to change lawyers anytime you wish. I'd get a copy of your lawyer's file and call another attorney as soon as possible. You certainly do not want to go into the interview without an attorney.

  5. Agree with all responses. $5000 is way too high for attending a marriage interview. Even $2500 is too high. Get another attorney. You can do that.

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