Marriage based green card interview with no decision or clear outcome, what does it mean? What should we except?

My wife and I had our marriage interview with no decision or outcome in the end. My wife is a naturalized US citizen. We were very shocked and upset at the end of the interview from the behaviour of the immigration officer. The officer was rude, hostile and somewhat condescending and accusatory. The officer only kept asking questions about us which we answered without a problem (we've been together for almost 6 years!!) and we never got upset and were very polite despite their behavior. At the end when we asked the officer regarding the next steps or outcome, the officer said they'll look into the case some more and then we should hear in 30-60 days if it's a denial (the officer mentioned denial twice) or whatever the decision is. No I-94 or EAD card was withheld. We are still shocked

Los Angeles, CA -

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Ekaette Patty-Anne Eddings

Ekaette Patty-Anne Eddings

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

That is an unfortunate experience, but generally INS officers are polite and introduce themselves at the interview. You will have to await the outcome of the desicion and you can later on make a complaint to the District Director for the LA district office where the interview took place.
If however your application gets denied you always have a second chance to reapply before the INS or before the immigration judge. It is always advisable to go to your interview with a lawyer.
Good luck.

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