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Marriage based green card interview, is it really common if no decision is made the day of the interview?

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My wife and I have our interview approaching. I have read that sometimes, the immigration officers don't make a decision at the interview but instead mail a decision a few weeks later.

Why is that? Is this pretty common?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Yes, I attended a marriage interview with my clients in Sacramento a couple of months ago. The officer did not decide the case on the spot, but we received an approval by mail a few weeks later. Of course, if the officer plans to deny the petition, it often takes a few weeks or months to write the Denial or the Notice of Intent to Deny.

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  2. This is becoming increasingly common--most officers now are ending the interview by saying "We'll mail your decision," even if the decision is favorable. You will usually hear within 2-3 weeks if there is an approval; longer than that generally means that the case has been referred to a supervisor or that additional information is being sought. If you haven't received a decision after 90 days, do schedule an InfoPass (at appointment to see what the case status is--the InfoPass officer can contact the officer who conducted your interview to ensure that the case hasn't gotten lost in the shuffle.

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