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Marriage based green card interview, is it really common if no decision is made the day of the interview?

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My wife and I have our interview approaching. I have read that sometimes, the immigration officers don't make a decision at the interview but instead mail a decision a few weeks later.

Why is that? Is this pretty common?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Yes, I attended a marriage interview with my clients in Sacramento a couple of months ago. The officer did not decide the case on the spot, but we received an approval by mail a few weeks later. Of course, if the officer plans to deny the petition, it often takes a few weeks or months to write the Denial or the Notice of Intent to Deny.

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This is becoming increasingly common--most officers now are ending the interview by saying "We'll mail your decision," even if the decision is favorable. You will usually hear within 2-3 weeks if there is an approval; longer than that generally means that the case has been referred to a supervisor or that additional information is being sought. If you haven't received a decision after 90 days, do schedule an InfoPass (at appointment to see what the case status is--the InfoPass officer can contact the officer who conducted your interview to ensure that the case hasn't gotten lost in the shuffle.

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I had my interview a month ago, everything went smooth and the officer said she is satisfied and might even approve the case that afternoon but she needs to review my file first, she then said I will receive a decision in a mail in about a week or two. To my point of view everything went very well but I cannot stop thinking about reasons that might lead to denial though the IO was asking a lot of questions about my previous marriage with my ex wife who is a non US citizen, she came to the states on my f1 dependent visa and everything just went wrong between us, I had to go back to my home country to get a divorce a month before she gave birth to our first child, I went ahead after the divorce with my home country ex and had a relationship with a US citizen 3 months after the divorce, we dated for 2 months and got married, we love each other, she is 20 years older than me though but we do not feel it and I love her just the way she is. We had everything submitted to the IO, she took my I 94, gave me my work Authourization back, then told me that when I recieve the green card I should mail the Work card back so it just went so smooth, furthermore she said everything was intact and fine but my head just keeps thinking that what is causing the delay and bringing everything possible into consideration. I am very sure and optimistic that I would be given but what is making all this delay, it will be a month by tomorrow, can I get any advice or suggestions. Thanks

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