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March 14th I was hospitalized for depression and anxiety. Job related stress and anxiety issues the Dr.. said...

Atlanta, GA |

My M.D. wrote an excuse from work letter and faxed it over to them on March 7th. It took over a week of personal searching for a PSY. to see me and that was at Ridgview Institute. March 14 I was hospitalized for job related stress and anxiety issues.I was on a Final warning from my director. I had to leave and get help or else I don't even want to think of what might of happened to me if I waited another day on the job.After completing outpatient treatment on May 20th I was given a ready for work letter from the hospitals PSY DR. that oversaw my case Dr. Seymour Solodar.Corporate sent me to their Forensic PSY on May 14 for an evaluation and based on the answers I had given to him he said I was not ready to return. Since that date I have been sitting at home, climbing Kennesaw Mtn .

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