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Mandated Ignition Interlock Device but I dont own a car!

Clifton, NJ |

How can I get my driving privileges in NJ restored if the court ordered me to get an ignition interlock device but I don't own a car to put it on? I used to live in Clifton which is where I got the DUI but I now live in New York and have a NY DL (have for a year). I paid my restoration fee and thought my license was restored but I got pulled over last night in a friends car for speeding and they said it wasn't restored and gave me a ticket for driving on a suspended license and careless driving- what kind of fees/charges am I looking at for this? PLEASE HELP

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  1. More information is needed. You should hire an attorney to sort out the situation in Clifton court.

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  2. You should post this in the New York website and ask aNew York attorney.

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  3. If the tickets were issued in New Jersey, you need to hire a New Jersey licensed attorney immediately. Because you were technically stull suspended from the DWI conviction, you are looking at 90 days in jail on top of other fines, penalties and additionals suspensions.

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  4. Your NJ privileges will not be restored until you put the lock on a car. From their view if you do not have a car you do not need to drive. You cannot drive any car without the lock during that period. What NY does with that is up to NY but NJ is NJ. If the 3-40 was in Nj get an attorney because there is a mandatory 10 days jail with the $1500 fine and 1-2 year suspension.

  5. You were ordered not just to get the device but to not drive a car that does not have such a device, or the order is meaningless. You have violated one court order that was a prerequisite to get your license restored. Don't ask here - you certainly need a dedicated lawyer you employ to deal with DUI issues when they get complicated or when you violate a condition for restoring your license.
    And lets be honest here - if you are not driving regularly, you don't need it. And if you are, you need to make sure the car you are driving has the interlock - even if you're getting around what you think was asked by having someone else register the car you regularly use.

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  6. Consult a lawyer immediately. Do not delay.

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  7. I'm going to address the enhanced driving while suspended charge. If you were suspended for a period, let's say 7 months, and served that suspension and the only reason you are now suspended is because of the interlock, then you may be able to avoid jail. I would argue that you are not currently suspended for DUI, but for an administrative hold due to the interlock issue which has nothing to do with the suspension. Imposed by the court

  8. If the tickets are New Jersey, you need to hire a New Jersey attorney asap.
    Because you were still suspended from the prior DWI conviction, you are looking at 90 days in jail on top of other fines, penalties and additionals suspensions. Again, get a good attorney.

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  9. The fact that you have a NY license may be an issue. The interlock law is not well thought out. It should apply only to NJ licensees. NJ can no more order an interlock on your car as a condition of your NY license than it can corrective eyeglasses or a spinner knob on your steering wheel. But, then again, you were a NJ license holder at the time of the sentencing and it is a condition of you ever driving in NJ until the interlock period is satisfied.

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