Managers lock employees in place of business

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My grand daughter works in a second hand store and at the end of the night the managers lock the doors and refuse to let employees leave until the managers have finished paper work for that day. The employees are off the clock and not getting paid for 30-60 minutes and they are required to remain in the break room until the managers unlock the door to let them leave.

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    Answered . This is a violation of state wage laws. Employees must be paid for all hours in which they are under there employer's control. Locking employees in a facility and not letting then out certainly qualifies as compensable time.

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    Answered . The locking of the doors may be acceptable as safety precaution while money is being counted, but they are entitled to be paid for that time.

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    Answered . Not only is making employees work off the clock an illegal wage and hour practice, if the employees are physically prevented from leaving the premises, the employer may be criminally and civilly liable for unlawfully detaining people against their will. Encourage your granddaughter to seek the help of an employment law attorney as soon as possible.

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