Malicious prosecution; small case looking contingency attorney to right a wrong!

Asked over 1 year ago - Camarillo, CA

Lawyers get a bad rap for sure. I was a part owner in an LLC. That business is now closed. Prior to closing, the LLC owed a creditor about 6K in debt which it had paid down from about 12K over the 9 months prior to closing. A collection attorney initiated several legal actions including me personally. At the MSC the judge granted an OSC for sanctions vs. the Plaintiff attorney. The sole reason for the case was to intimidate me into paying them money rather than hiring an attorney. I represented myself and just now before trial, the Plaintiff attorney dismissed the case. I did have attorney fees along the way over the 3 years and multiple litigation actions filed. I'm looking for counsel to take on a contingency the malicious prosecution case. can you help..?

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  1. Christine C McCall


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    Answered . Malicious prosecutions actions are very difficult to "win," and that means that most skilled attorneys are very careful and cautious before agreeing to accept such a case on contingency. Moreover, the facts you have recited here are not promising for a successful result. The "sole reasons" for almost any civil case is to cause the debtor to pay money. There is nothing improper, malicious or abusive about that.

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  2. Herb Fox

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    Answered . Ms. McCall's advice is sound, but she doesn't flesh out half of what will happen if you file a malicious prosecution action. The attorney whom you sue will retain his own attorney and file what is called a Special Motion to Strike (also known as an anti-SLAPP motion). If the defendant wins that motion, you lose the case and you will be ordered to pay his attorneys fees. If he loses the motion, he has the right to an immediate appeal, thereby tying up your malicious prosecution action for 18 months to two years. Oh, and you are not entitled to your attorneys fees under that scenario.
    If you find an attorney wiling to take your case, ask him or her if you are at risk for an anti-SLAPP motion.

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