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Maine: we have a court case coming up my husband wants me to talk on his behalf. What legal papers do I need for that?

Swans Island, ME |

It is a probate case and my husband is not good with dates and public speaking. We need to know what legal papers we need to get and make out so I will be able to talk on his behalf? Also need to now where and if we need to get them filed or just notarized. We live in Hancock county in Maine. Plus where we can get these papers.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. That's not the way it works. Only your husband can offer testimony for himself in a court.

    Good luck with your situation. If you believe you may wish to hire a lawyer to help, please feel free to contact me. DISCLAIMER I am a lawyer, but I am not your lawyer unless you come to my office and we sign an engagement agreement. The answer provided here is for general purposes only, and does not presume to correctly address your particular circumstances. My answering this question does not create an attorney/client relationship.

  2. That would be practicing law without a law license- can't do it.