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Made report suggesting corrective action for drivers and supervisors after accident. Covered by Whistle Blower?

Denver, CO |

Incident involved drivers and supervisor trying to cover up safety issue. As DOT Compliance officer, I brought safety violations to light in report, suggested corrective action for drivers, one acting supervisor and one Manager. I was told I had to move immediately from my office to another location for my own safety,or I would have several employees report me for creating "Hostile Work environment". I was told I never receiving my pay officially, needed to re-apply for my position, had $5000 a year taken from my pay. I now have no office, I was moved into cubicle into administrative office right next to General manager directly across from HR. Would a whistle blower complaint be worth filing, or better to just go find employment elsewhere ?

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If you are able to find a good job with a company with better management, that would appear to be the best solution.

You can reach Harkess & Salter LLC at (303) 531-5380 or Stephen Harkess is an attorney licensed in the state and federal courts of Colorado. This answer is for general information only and does not create an attorney client relationship between Stephen Harkess or Harkess & Salter LLC and any person. You should schedule a consultation with an attorney to discuss the specifics of your legal issues.

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You certainly have the option to seek employment elsewhere. However, looking at the bigger picture, the facts you've provided suggest it might be worthwhile to sit down with an attorney who specializes in employment law, because your claims may not be limited to whistleblowing. If you meet with an attorney, I recommend that you find someone who has experience with whistleblowing claims, since there are many regulations that offer whistleblowing protection depending upon the circumstances. Keep in mind that it matters which regulations are applicable, because there are different time limits within which to take action, or you may lose the right to do so.

Notice: My answer to your question is general information. It does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not governed by confidentiality rules. This general information is not a substitute for sitting down and discussing your circumstances with an attorney.

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