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Lying to the judge underoath in divorce

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I had tow divorce cases , which in the first one my husband said that he doesn't speak any english and the judge allowed him so bringing his friend to translate .that divorce case was later dropped , and the year after that I filed for divorce .
in the second court case he spoke english very good .enough to represent himself and had a college degree .
in both cases it was the same judged with the same person , so can I bring the first case and proven to the judge that he lied underoath to him in a previous case ? same judge same people different cases .

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you could bring it to the attention of the judge but what would it get you? maybe your husband would explain that in one year his english got much better. what if the judge believes that? also, was the statement in the first case under oath? if not, not that big of a deal.

rather than deal with this issue, deal with the divorce.

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It is unclear why you would want to bring up the fact that your husband may have lied in a case which was dismissed. Since the case was dismissed, nothing happened then. So proceed with the second case. If you do not have a lawyer, you should hire someone who is experienced in divorce cases.

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To what end?

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