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LVN with 2 Dui's within a month

Long Beach, CA |

I am an LVN in Ca with 2 Duis that have court dates 1 month apart. (not gone to court yet).
My questions:
1. what are the chances of me still retaining my LVN license
2. How can I avoid the interlock device
3. For the Dui programs can I do them in a shorter period of time than stated. eg 18 month program can i do it within a shorter period than that

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1. The interstate compact will still impose "possible" punishment, depending on the outcome of the court and the DMV against your LVN license. You need guidance from a lawyer here - it isn't that simple.
2. There are out state exemptions on a 2nd for the IID, despite the new law. And
3. You need a lawyer for all of these detailed questions....period.

Call if you'd like a free consultation. Paul Geller

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Here is the web address for the CA license board regarding criminal convictions.

You need to consult with an attorney because on 2nd offense convictions your license will be suspended for 2 years. An 18 m program cannot be shortened. If you can get out of one of the DUI's, and win one of the DMV hearings you may be able to avoid an IID on your vehicle. You definitely need a good DUI attorney.

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Right now your biggest issue is the possible jail time you may face. You should hire a DUI attorney to assist you. As for your LVN license yes it is possible that you will keep it but it depends upon the board. I have found with my clients it is always best to be honest and explain the situation as a onetime mistake and show all the steps you have taken to ensure it does not happen again. Since the two DUI’s were in a short time period of each other it may actually help your cause. As for the IID you will most likely be requiring one so that you can regain your driving privileges in the shortest amount of time possible. Your attorney should be able to explain the new laws that went into effect on July 1, 2010 and how they affect your situation.
Robert Driessen

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