LUSCIOUS is not updating my case status , how can I find out if they received my REF ?

Sent my N - 14 to LUSCIOUS in Santa Ana on the 4th of Feb 2013 , and tracking it shows it arrived on the 5th of Feb 2013 . Just want to make sure it got to the right person .

San Diego, CA -

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Kara Lien Roberts

Kara Lien Roberts

Immigration Attorney - Jacksonville, FL

Contact the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 and you should be able to find out if it was logged in the system. If it does not show up, you can request an SRMT to determine if the response was received and USCIS will send a response in about 30 days. If you have any concerns/hesitations, please consult with an immigration attorney for advice you can rely on.

Samuel Patrick Ouya Maina

Samuel Patrick Ouya Maina

Immigration Attorney - San Francisco, CA

I agree with my colleagues

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Jorge Ivan Pardo

Jorge Ivan Pardo

Immigration Attorney - Charlotte, NC

You should be ok if you have proof of delivery before the deadline. Check case status online through USCIS website to see if it shows that they received your response to the RFE.
If you want to be extra sure, you can request an INFOPASS appointment with the Santa Ana USCIS.
Good luck.

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