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Looking to restore my right to keep and bear arms.

Devils Lake, ND |

At 19 years of age I was charged with felony vandelism. I made a bad decision to shoot the lights off of a radio station tower. I went to court and received a stay of imposition. I paid restitution, satisfied the requirements of my probation and the charge was then reduced to a misdemeanor. I never had my firearms rights restored and I would like to know where to start to have that right restored. I am now 59, have been in the same town/job for almost 35 years, have been an upstanding citizen of this community and of my church and have not had another criminal charge of any kind since. I would just like to clear this up. I hope you can help me out.

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  2. Restoration of firearms rights can be very tricky, and involves not only state, but also federal law. Even if your firearms rights are restored by the State government, you may still be prosecuted by federal authorities for possession of a firearm or ammunition. I would recommend that you retain a local attorney, licensed in your state, who has expertise in criminal law to help you with this.

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