Looking for an lawyer to represent me, with the car accident that happen to me 3 days ago...

Asked about 2 years ago - Winnetka, CA

Few days ago, I got into a car accident... The accident got already reported to my insurance and the other person insurance. The police report says that it was my fault, because I don't have a license (I am from Europe and been traveling back and forth, that's why I don't have a CA driver license). I got witnesses who saw the whole scene and confirmed that it's definitely not my fault. I got hit from the passenger side and had no injuries at the time of the accident... Since I woke up this morning, my neck, lower back and right arm started to hurting me. Is there any lawyer willing to take my case?

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  1. Pius Joseph


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    Answered . If you were insured you should not have any problem. As to license did you have a license to drive elsewhere?
    A lawyer will have to evaluate various aspects of your claim and see if your case will likely prevail. Meanwhile do not speak with any insurance adjusters until you discuss this matter with a lawyer,

  2. Steven Mark Sweat

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    Answered . Please see my other answer. ALSO: You should absolutely consult with an attorney to get the bottom of this before making any further statements to your insurance or the other party's insurance company.

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  3. Manuel Alzamora Juarez

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    Answered . If you have independent witnesses that saw the car accident, then you make sure that you get their addresses, phone number and if at all possible have then give you a signed statement as to what` they saw. If they corroborate your story then you have a chance of winning this case, if you were not at fault. The fact that you did not have a California Driver's License is important because you could be found guilty of driving without a California License but that fact does not make you guilty of the accident. The policeman was wrong in writng that you are guilty of the accident.. If you have insurance on your car, report this claim to your insurance company and have them fix your car. If you are hurt, go to a doctor and get your self treated. Best of luck.

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  4. Howard Robert Roitman

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    Answered . California Vehicle Code 14601
    If you get into an accident while you are driving with a suspended or revoked license, you are committing a more serious offense than merely driving without a license. If prosecutors can prove that you knew your license was revoked or suspended, then you face longer jail terms and more substantial fines. Code 14601 is actually a number of separate offenses you could potentially be charged with, depending upon the circumstances of your accident. If you were drunk, driving recklessly or speeding when the accident occurred, you could be facing minimum jail time, a revoked license and high fines. If your license was previously suspended or revoked you could lose your car.

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  5. Paul J Molinaro


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    Answered . Driving illegally (as in without a license) does not make one at fault for any accident which that driver is in... however, not having car insurance in California and being in an accident can be a problem... complicated laws make hiring a California attorney to look into such an event worth the time... and as for the money, most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations.

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