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Looking for a law cost child custody lawyer in Bergen County nj.

Hackensack, NJ |

Father of 8 year old boy, has a 50/50 custody. Ex girlfriend( mother of the son) is requesting full custody. Father is married right now and his wife is working per diem jobs. She won't be able to work in a week anymore. Is there any lawyer that could help to take the case for an affordable fee?

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  1. You can contact legal services to see if you qualify for free legal assistance,
    Also contact the county bar association for their lawyer referral service, some counties have income based reduced fee programs.

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  2. Are you the father or the mother? Please feel free to give me a call to discuss further.

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  3. The term "affordable" has different meanings to different people. Best thing you can do is shop around for an attorney who is familiar with child custody cases and try to schedule a consultation so the attorney can get a look at the particulars of your case and quote you a price from there.

    Keep in mind that custody battles are emotionally draining and time consuming, so bear that in mind when you get a quote from an attorney. Explain your situation financially and see if you can find an attorney who would work with you. Start looking on AVVO first, then you can go from there.

    Hope this has been helpful and good luck with the custody battle.

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  4. Cost/affordability is a very relative term. What is low cost to you may be expensive to someone else. If you need help finding a lawyer you can contact the Bergen County Bar Association. For certain lower-income individuals, Legal Services may be able to help. Above all else including cost, be concerned with a competent, trustworty and experienced family lawyer who will work towards the best interests of your children and family.

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