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Looking for a DUI attorney (4th Offense) in the Montgomery County Pennsylvania area, that accepts weekly/monthly payment plans.

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I am being charged with my 4th dui in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. As well as driving without an ignition interlock. I am not concerned with the fines that will follow as much as I am avoiding jail time. I do not know if this matters at all but I live out of state in Albany, NY. I have 4 kids to support so staying out of jail is a huge concern to me and my family. I have just recently returned to work after a few months of being absent, so I do not have money saved up to afford an attorney outright. I am this week going back to full time which I make about 700 a week. I did refuse the chemical test so I am sure that this is going to be charged in the 3rd tier as .16 or above. I have seen multiple options in my research such as drug court, alcohol court and the IPP program.

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  1. There are many excellent DUI defense attorneys from PA on this website, and you should search for a few of them, then take the time to call them individually to discuss your options.

  2. Contact local attorneys. Look at the advertisement in here.

  3. I practice law in Montgomery County. As a former prosecutor I understand this area of law quite well. Unfortunately, there is a mandatory minimum for this offense of 1 year incarceration.

  4. You need to be prepared for a jail sentence. There are many things that you can do right now which will help reduce the amount of time that you will actually spend in jail. It is extremely important that you take advnatage of your options now. The more you wait the less likely the Court will be to help you. Be weary of who ou speak with. Every attorney thinks they can handle a DUI as the sentences often follow the minimum mandatories hwoever these mandatories are the lowest a court can go; they can go higher. The trick is to keep them as low as possible and that is something that not every attorney is experienced in doing.

    The information provided is in response to a question. The answer provided does not create nor is it intended to create an attorney-client relationship. The answer is also provided given the facts presented by the questioner and as such should not be relied upon without first meeting with an attorney and providing additional information. You are advised to seek legal counsel prior to initiating any legal action.

  5. I prescribe in Montgomery County and would be happy to discuss your case details. Visit or contact me at 610.680.7842.

  6. Don't just blindly accept the year in jail. Make sure you have a good attorney review your case for defenses. For instance, if the stop was bad then the whole case might be dismissed. The problem for you will be that the better lawyers generally require payment up front - they will not accept payments. Good luck.

    Please note that I am only licensed in Pennsylvania. Therefore, if your case involves another jurisdiction, you should disregard this post. Further, this posting does not constitute proper legal advice since I have not been able to learn all the circumstances of your case. As such, you should consult a lawyer in person immediately for proper legal advice and should not rely on this posting for legal advice.

  7. I practice in Chester County which is one county southwest of Montgomery County. I accept regular payments after a significant up front payment, the size of which would depend on the size and frequency of the regular payments. I have practiced law for 32 years including 9 years as a prosecutor in Chester County, and the remainder in private practice. I have defended hundreds of persons charged with crimes.

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