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Looking for a criminal defense lawyer.

Dallas, TX |

I m looking to hire a lawyer, to help me remove a deferred disposition off my record. The charge was for minor assault, there was no arrest and i have no prior convictions

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  1. Most attorneys, like myself, offer consultations at no charge. From your post, it sounds like expunction is very possible, but a phone or in person consult would be necessary.

    Todd Steele's response to your question is for general information purposes only. Nothing in this response should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship.

  2. How to find a criminal defense lawyer is a really important question, and one that is rarely asked on avvo.

    First, understand that most criminal defense lawyers do not charge for the first visit with a prospective client. Some do, so ask when you call for an appointment.

    Who should you call? How do you get names? One way is to make a few appointments and at the end of the appointment ask the lawyer whom he or she would suggest if you do not hire the lawyer you're visiting with.

    Another is avvo. On avvo, you will see ratings for lawyers. You will also may see endorsements of lawyers by other lawyers. You can get a pretty good idea who is a "big dog" and who is not.

    The phone book is still a pretty good place to start. Most lawyer ads list what areas the lawyer handles.

    Answers on Avvo are for general information purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice. No attorney / client relationship is created by providing this answer. For specific advice about your situation, you should consult a competent attorney of your choosing.

  3. You may be able to have the case sealed if it was not a family violence case. If it was a class C, you can expunge it completely. Feel free to call my office if you want me to look into it. 214-365-9800.

    Macy Jaggers's answer to a legal question on Avvo does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Ms. Jaggers offers everyone a free consultation to discuss their case. Feel free to call her office at 214-365-9800 to make an appointment (phones are answered 24 hours) or visit her website at for more information about her services and recent victories.

  4. In Texas, if the assault involved a family member and was dismissed via completion of deferred adjudication you will never be able to remove it from your record, even if it was dropped to a class c misdemeanor. However if it was just a simple assault dismissed thru sucessful completion of deferred adjudication you are able to hide the public record by filing a certificate of non-disclosure.

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