Long Term Disability Claim Denied by Prudential regarding aniexty disorder. Want to appeal so I can get medical treament by Drs.

Asked 11 months ago - Fort Worth, TX

I have been with my employer for 20 years and had stellar performance for all 20 years. In Nov 2012, I accepted a new position within the company and discussed with management that the job was not a good fit for me. After that conversation, starting in Jan 2013, my manager had been bullying and harassing me in the workplace. She is black and I am white....not that this makes any difference, but it may. After all the harassment, bullying and abuse, on 3/21/13 I asked for a medical leave of absence due to my emotional and physical health were being affected. On 3/22/13, I had a car accident and continue to have residual effects with my left shoulder and back. I feel that my mental state may have contributed to the car accident. On 3/26/13, I contacted my HR dept to report the harassment and bullying issues surrounding my supervisor. Nothing was done to remedy the situation and I requested a job/dept transfer. However, JP Morgan Chase & Co does not have anyway to assist an employee with this type of transfer, so my request was denied. Not sure what legal recourse, if any I have. My FMLA job protection ran out on 7/18/13, the company has filled my position. My short term disability ran out on 9/18/13. Also, I applied for long term disability through Prudential on 8/15/13 and the claim was denied as of 9/27/13. Now, I'm needing assistance in appealing the long term disabilities decision.

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Would I be better off filing for SSDI? My MRI shows I have severe arthritis and I need to continue seeing my Dr's, so that my mental and physical health don't go down hill. I really need someone to assist me and I don't have money to paid up front.

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  1. Rengin Jamal Bekhtyar

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    Answered . I recommend you consult with an attorney to appeal the denial of your disability claim. Try the "Find A Lawyer" tab...an experienced attorney will direct you on the right path and help you in determining what your options are; and course of action to pursue.

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  2. Alan Daniel Hall

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    Answered . You definitely want to file an appeal of the disability denial, you may want to investigate discrimination or hostile work environment claims. I would recommend using the find lawyer tab above to locate and attorney in your area. Many attorneys offer free consultations which can help you understand your legal situation, before you decide to hire an attorney. Good Luck

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  3. Robert Andrew Kerr

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    Answered . You definitely should have an attorney help you with the appeal of your LTD denial. This is my primary area of practice and in my experience the race/workplace issues are not relevant to Prudential's denial.

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