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LL filed false proof of service, Order to Show Cause? or Motion to Set Aside Default? Which stops lockout? Benefit?

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LL defaulted in 5th month of 1yr lease. Harassment & intimidation 2 sue if I moved. I was not able 2 affordsuite n rent,so I stay-n-pay, drained 401k, harassment escalated. Lost 2jobs from taking time off work 2 deal with. LL came 2 home try bust window called cops got PO order. Now 2 busted windows later inform broker, sd not prprty manager, frwrd 2 client, got buyer approval buyer will not buy with tenant, and removing my number from MLS. Call wed 2 courts like always 2-3 times a month confirm no orders, multiple threats, etc,. advised show file only. Tryin 2 find legal help, call back fri sd wed later in evening filed false proof of service. Date given, day after email agent sme time I call cops LL@hme just laughing & recording me on cell. I recorded &2witness she was alone

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  1. If you want to stop a lockout, you will need to file a motion to stay and to set aside the judgment, you have to file a motion to vacate and set aside. Meet with a good landlord/tenant attorney and provide facts in detail.

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