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Live in CA got a DUI in KS, didn't show up to court now have a Warrant i

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I live in CA and was on a work related trip in KS. I was pulled over and arrested for DUI in KS. This is the first offense in any state. I was unable to make the hearing because I had to work, and am the sole income provider for my family and now there is an arrest warrant in KS for me. I live 1300 miles away and driving is my only option since I can not afford to fly (the company I work paid for the flight during the work related trip) back into KS. I have someone that can drive me out there, but it is a 2 day trip one way. If I get back to KS will they throw me in Jail? if not then can I handle my fines and anything else in a day?

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The first thing you need to do is consult with a DUI attorney in Kansas. Try the National College for DUI Defense web site to find a DUI attorney who practices in the county of your arrest. You want to get on this asap as any license suspension in Kansas may trigger a suspension of your driving privilege in CA. The Kansas DUI attorney can let you know if you will be needed in court to recall the warrant. If you get lucky, it's a court where the attorney can get the warrant recalled without you showing up, and possibly that attorney can handle the entire case without a return trip on your part.

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I can not afford an attorney. How do I go about getting a public defender?

Aaron Reuben Bortel

Aaron Reuben Bortel


Contact the public defender's office in your county of arrest. If you can't find the number on line, the Court can probably give it to you.



ok thank you so much for your help and your time.


You should post this question on AVVO's DUI Kansas forum. Most of us here do not know how this might be handled in their jurisdiction. Here, an attorney could clear the warrant and deal with the case without you having to be present...KS may well be another story altogether.


The longer you go without addressing this the greater the risk you run of getting pulled over/picked up. That will not bode well for an agreeable final disposition as far as you are concerned.

Contact a Kansas attorney and have him or her (1) negotiate with the State a surrender date (2) explain exactly why you were originally unable to attend and (3) discuss with you the norms of the Kansas judiciary system.

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