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Asked about 2 years ago - Mansfield, TX

I went to Starbucks and purchased coffee for myself and my husband. The employee handed me the cup of coffee and as I grabbed it I noticed that the cup felt wierd... as I bring the cup into the car to set it in the drink holder the lid comes all the way off and hot coffee causes 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my hand, thigh and stomach. I have been to the doctor twice and have permanent scarring on my stomach and thigh. Starbucks wants to speak to me regarding resolution of the matter..... I dont know how to proceed and what to ask for. In addition, Starbucks has admitted liability, they told me the employee admitted the lid was not secure on the cup and the manager told me that they have had many issues with the holiday cups sealing properly.

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    Answered . Your injuries are far too severe for you to try and handle this on your own. Starbucks may want you to think that they are going to be fair, but you must not trust them. DO NOT TALK TO THEN OR GIVE THEM A STATEMENT until you talk to an attorney. They will use what you say against you later. They know all the tricks and you don't. See an attorney who is a board certified personal injury specialist. You will be able to have a free first appointment. Look at my profile on AVVO if you do not know someone to talk to .

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    Answered . The most important thing at this point is to make sure that you have preserved the evidence, i.e., that you still have possession of the coffee cup and lid. It is very important that you speak with a well qualified injury attorney who is experienced in analyzing both the liability issues involved with the lid (possible gross negligence due to previous knowledge of the dangerous condition) and the damages issues (costs of future medical care, disfigurement and impairment analysis, loss of wage earning capacity). These cases are not as simple and straightforward as they appear, especially if you want to recover the full measure of damages for your injuries.

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    Answered . Sounds like the famous McDonald's case. Retain a personal injury lawyer to investigate a claim against them.

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    Answered . Contact a local injury lawyer asap, and dont talk to Starbucks. They are not going to be generous.

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    Answered . Contact a local and qualified personal injury litigation attorney. Stop speaking with Starbucks. Keep the cup and lid. This is the first time I've heard a company admit there fault. Although not binding, perhaps you have them on tape.

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    Answered . you need to call a personal injury attorney ASAP!! Don't let this huge corporation take advantage of you.

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    Answered . You have significant injuries and a substantial injury claim. As with any valuable asset, you need an expert professional to make sure that you maximize the return to you. I suggest calling a good Texas personal injury attorney.

    Good luck.

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    Answered . Call my office I'd be happy to discuss your case with you if you have not retained council yet.

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    Answered . I would contact a local injury attorney.


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    Answered . There is no harm in asking them for an offer on your case, however, there is almost no question that they will lowball you and you will get a better recovery if you hire an attorney. Unfortunately, insurance companies will always take advantage of folks who are unrepresented and have a lawyer. Find a good personal injury attorney in your area to make sure you get a reasonable recovery and do not get taken advantage of.

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