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Lied on Affidavit

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She made $250,000 she put on her affidavit she made $34,000.guess to make it like she is making only a tad more than me. I My lawyer presented her tax documents to prove her lie. The judge looked sorta frustrated but didn't really comment. She just asked when is this case going to mediation? And asked my soon be x about the kids.What is like to happen if we end up back in front of the judge. We haven't been to mediation yet but it is scheduled for next month. If we don't agree then what?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. If your family lawyer agrees, you should have them bring it to the court's attention. Make sure they are aware of the discrepancy and hopefully it will be a benefit to you. Let your family lawyer direct you to whether or not you should present the affidavit to the State Attorney's office. Best of luck.

  2. Any issues not agreed upon in mediation will be decided on by the judge. If you can prove that she lied on her financial affidavit, that will help your cause.

  3. You can use this incongruence in income declared to your advantage when you negotiate at mediation. You should talk to your lawyer about the probability of proving your spouses income in court. The difference is that in mediation you determine your own outcome, and do not take your chances in court. If it looks like it will be difficult to prove her income, you may be better off coming to an agreement at mediation.

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