License supposed to suspended but isn't.

I was convicted of a DUI. I thought my license was supposed to be suspended but everytime I've called the DMV to check they say they are valid. I initially called because I hadn't received a letter and thought it may have gotten lost in the mail. So can I keep driving? It has been several months since conviction. Is this an error In my favor?

Jackson, MS -

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Victor Wallace Carmody Jr.

Victor Wallace Carmody Jr.

DUI / DWI Attorney - Jackson, MS

This could be an error in your favor.First Mississippi does not have a DMV.The Department of Public Safety (Highway Patrol) issues and suspends your license.Notice of suspension is sent by the DPS to the address on your license,and until that notice is sent your license is not suspended. However, once the notice of suspension is mailed to the address on your license the letter will have the dates of suspension and procedure for reinstatement.Good Luck!

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Derek Michael Smith

Derek Michael Smith

DUI / DWI Attorney - Tacoma, WA

If may be that the DMV lost your paperwork, the court lost your paperwork or both. You aren't suspended until the DMV tells you so you can keep driving. You should check periodically with them though. You should also consider talking to your lawyer and asking her advise about the situation.

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