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Libel and Defamation of Character

Hempstead, NY |

Hello my name is [name omitted] and I have written to Youtube several times about videos that are on their site right now of me and my friends that are demeaning and very disgusting. Pictures were stolen from me that are nude in some way and most of these pics were taken from my myspace by this guy who is harassimg me and keeps stealing pics of me n making inappropiate videos. I am now suing this [name omitted] for defamation of character and slander on the internet and what is upsetting is I have contacted Youtube so many times about taken the videos down and nothing has happened so Now i must take this into my own hands. I am filing a report with the police and let them see all my complaints to youtube and hopefully then something like this never happens again to me or someone else.

The videos are [name removed] & [name removed] ;). These are the titles of the 2 videos that I am in and the pics in these videos were stolen from my private myspace page and he has wrote things by the pictures disrespecting me and slanderizing my name.

Aly Warwick

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First, lets get a few definitions down before we go any further. Libel is written lies about you. Slander is spoken lies about you. The fact that videos are posted on Youtube would more than likely represent slander. However, the problem you have is that you mention that the photos taken of you came from MySpace. My understanding is that MySpace is not a fully secure site and if anything is posted on it, it could be subject to hackers or others who take things from it and post them elsewhere, which is what happened to you.

I believe you can flag Youtube and they will eliminate the pictures. If they don't take them down once you advise them that they are illegal or obscene, then they may potentially be held responsible for any damages that flow from their continued posting. That becomes a civil matter rather than a criminal matter in my view. I don't believe that youtube, which is available to everyone to post on openly, is responsible for something going up on it - even if they fail to take it down. At least not criminally responsible. Civil liability is likely, but that takes retaining an attorney who will champion your case for you. That's the route I would suggest and leave the criminal prosecution to those who are breaking penal laws.

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