Letter of intent,did she get the loan?

LETTER OF INTENT This letter will serve as official notification of the intent of ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' LLC to secure or provide 15m in investment capital for your ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' project.'''''''''''''''''''''has secured commitments from our investors to fund your project contingent upon adequate collateral provided to secure the funds, property valuations, and full due diligence of the project. We will provide full representation for you to our investors on the project, and work to ensure we provide the capital in a minimum of 45 days or more to close the deal. The commitments stated in this letter are based on the information provided at this point is the first step in securing the capital for your project. We will contact you

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Marshall C Deason Jr.

Marshall C Deason Jr.

Business Attorney - Tampa, FL

Your answer does not provide enough information to provide you with an answer. You should consult an experienced real estate lawyer in your area who can fully review our documents and advise you on how to proceed.

Disclaimer: This answer is provided for informational purposes only, does not constitute legal advice, and does... more
Ron Renzy

Ron Renzy

Litigation Lawyer - Pompano Beach, FL

You should contact an attorney and provide all the details and documents. That is the only way to answer your question.

This answer is not to be construed as legal advice and is only based upon the information provided. No attorney... more

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Secured debt is debt that has property which can be used as collateral to protect the lender. If the debtor defaults, the creditor gets the property in payment.

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