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Lets just say some one shoot someone in self defense but flee the seen how do I go about in turning myself in

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Some one got shot

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  1. What are you planning to do? Show up at the police station and tell them that you shot someone? That would be awful! If the police are looking for you, you can turn yourself in. But only tell them who you are - not what you may have done. Make sure you say NOTHING about what happened! Wait until you have a lawyer present no matter what the police tell you. Exercise your right to remain silent!

    " If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." ~ Red Adair

  2. Hire an attorney and review everything thoroughly before you do something you really shouldn't

  3. If this is true, you absolutely need to consult a miami lawyer and arrange a turn in if in fact there is a warrant. Other than providing your name and date of birth you do not want to discuss anything with the police or tell them anything at all. You have a right to remain silent and YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY exercise that right.

    Please be advised that answering your questions does not establish an attorney-client relationship with myself or my firm. 407-588-6714

  4. Consult an attorney BEFORE you turn yourself in. If the two of you decide that turning yourself in is the best course of action, have the attorney call the appropriate police station in advance and accompany you to surrender. Immediately inform the police that you are represented (they should already know this based on your attorney calling and accompanying you to surrender). No matter what the police say or how they may threaten you, or, alternatively, no matter how nice and understanding they seem to be – it’s all a trap to get you to incriminate yourself -- refuse to say anything outside the presence of your attorney. When you’re under arrest, the police are not your friends. Self defense is a legitimate defense but, if the Government can prove that you killed someone, you and your attorney are going to have to prove self defense (or that you had cause to "stand your ground" in Florida).

    This is not to be construed as legal advice No attorney-client relationship exists The hiring of an attorney is a serious matter and should be considered very carefully. You should seek the advice of local counsel in your area.

  5. When I handle these cases, I arrange for my client's surrender and personally escort the client to either the police department or county jail (if there is a warrant. Under no circumstances do I advise my clients to make a statement of any sort to the police. The only thing any suspect should provide is his name, date of birth, and home/work addresses. The police have the right to make you appear in a line-up, wear certain clothing and speak certain phrases, and take your clothing, fingerprints, and possibly, bodily fluids.

    The State will attempt to claim your flight is evidence of guilty knowledge in order to defeat your claim of self defense. There are counter-arguments you can make in that situation, but you must hire an attorney who knows the case law and who makes an appropriate Motion in Limine for you, too, to exclude the State from trying to claim you fled for reasons of guilt.

    Please hire an attorney who will go all the way with you, and do not limit yourself to your own geographic area. While all the attorneys answering this question would like your business--including me--I can absolutely recommend my good friend William Umansky and state that I'd hire him myself if I ever needed a fellow attorney to represent me.

    I also advise you to NOT post anything else on this matter on any social media Website, including AVVO. The police watch all Websites for information that may lead to a suspect or trial evidence.

    Good luck.

    I am a Florida attorney who practices in the areas of personal injury and criminal defense. My answers on Avvo are not legal advice, and they do not create an attorney-client relationship. If you contact me--please understand that I cannot contact you--then I will carefully evaluate your case and determine if I will accept you as a client. Unless you and I sign a contract for legal representation, then I am not your attorney. Furthermore, Avvo is a limited forum and not well-suited for complex legal analysis. You should always obtain competent legal advice from attorneys who will carefully evaluate all your case's facts. Avvo isn't the place for that.

  6. Just like you'd pay a doctor to do surgery, you need to hire a Miami area lawyer to do the work here. He should be the one to determine whether there is a warrant and if so, he should arrange for your surrender in a way that does not give up any of your important rights. He should be the one doing the talking for you -- you shouldn't say anything, nor post anything more online.

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