Legal Stand for Pay Day loan collection when they do not provide paperwork what it is for

Asked over 1 year ago - Grand Rapids, MI

I made the mistake of doing a couple payday loans probably back in 2006. I now have a lawyers office trying to collect money. According to the Debt collectors law in Michigan, I can request the paperwork and I have, however, they say that once I pay the 100.00 to secure the "deal" I made, they would send it out. I have already paid them 250.00 about 2 months ago to get them to go away. However, I do not know whom I am paying to. When I ask them, I was told that they could not reveal that and that he could lose his job for telling me. I do want to settle this, however, I want to know for how much. They wanted me to send the 100.00 to India, where his boss who ironically is on vacation there. They are calling everyday at my work because I will not give them my!

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  1. John E. Melton


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    Answered . Stop talking to this company and do not send them any more money until you talk to a lawyer. It does not sound like you are dealing with a real law office. Be careful, this might be a scam.

  2. Tara E. Nichol

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    Answered . Debt collectors should not be calling you at work and should not be demanding payment for sending you paperwork showing ownership of the debt. You need to contact an attorney immediately to address this issue.

    Tara Nichol is licensed only in the State of Michigan. All answers provided relate only to Michigan law and are... more
  3. Lacy Rose


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    Answered . First of all, if you took out these loans in 2006, the statute of limitations for collecting any money from you in a lawsuit has likely passed. In Michigan, the statute of limitations for breach of contract claims is 6 years. Unfortunately, if this is not a scam and the calls you are receiving are from a legitimate debt collector, the $250.00 payment that you sent them could have tolled the statute of limitations.

    You should never pay a creditor who cannot prove to you in some way that you owe the money. The only way they can legitimately force you to pay is through a lawsuit, and they would certainly have to provide a court with paperwork to prove that you owe the debt.

    Do not make any more payments, and do not talk to these bill collectors anymore. Check your credit report to see if the debt is listed on there. You can get free copies of your credit reports from all three credit reporting agencies once a year from

    If they continue to call and harass you, consult with an attorney to learn your options for making them stop.

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