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Legal Right against Car Seller (Private Party) for not telling about accident?

Atlanta, GA |

If somebody sells me a car with clean car fax but later one accident is added to records when car was under previous owner possession. Do I have any legal rights against him?

Attorney Answers 4

  1. You certainly do have "legal rights" if a material fact was concealed from you. One issue will be whether it was "material" - or significant enough to have made a difference in the purchase decision. The other issue will be damages, although you may be entitled to punitve damages if the actions can be considered fraud. You should consult a lawyer in your area about your options and the economic viability of such a suit.

  2. Yes so consult with a civil litigation attorney to discuss you rights with you. Use the AVVO "Find a Lawyer" tool bar and seek out an attorney that has experience in these type of matters.

  3. Yes you do. There are a variety of laws designed to assist in these cases. You will need someone with experience in these types of claims. It is also important to note that Car Fax can only give you information relating to items that have been REPORTED TO them. Often there is information that isn't on a Car Fax Report. Many people think this is an automatically generated report which shows all previous issues but it does not. An attorney with experience can show you which allegations give rise to a claim and which do not. There are several things to consider and you will need the help. Do not make a mistake by trying to do this yourself.

  4. It certainly sounds like one of a person's most basic inalienable rights being trampled, so have a local consumer fraud attorney investigate. Remedies vary significantly by state.