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Legal repercussions for an 18 year old boy dating a 17 year old girl in Ohio.

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What exactly are the legal problems I could be facing? I know that I am safe from statutory rape because the age of consent in Ohio is 16. But could I also be charged with other crimes? Such as corruption of a minor? I do not plan on having sex, but mainly just worried about the fact that she could accuse me of forcing her into sex even if nothing happened? I also know that sex is considered more than just intercourse. But I have heard of a "closeness in age clause" that grants more leniency to cases such as mine, does such a law exist in Ohio? And if the girl was to accuse me of forcing her to have sex what exactly would I be facing? Like would I have any chance to really defend myself because I know historically the male is usually portrayed as the villain and has little chance. Thanks.

Mainly my parents are just worried about the whole situation. I have met the girls' parents on several occasions and they seemed perfectly fine with the whole ordeal but I would just like some input. She is a Junior in high school who has recently turned 17, and I am a Senior in high school who has recently turned 18. We met when we were both 16 and 17 respectively, could this information help my case at all?

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Good question. If you dont have sexual activity you are ok. Even when she becomes 18 you are always at risk of being accused of forcible sex so be careful with the women who you date or associate with of course. If you have sexual activity with a 17year old you are correct in that it can be regarded as corruption of a minor if she or her parents wish to attempt to press charges. Always avoid a situation where the female becomes intoxicated or impaired by drugs because you can be guilty of taking advantage sexually of an impaired person and that is as serious as rape. Rape carries up to 10 years ordinarily if your convicted of forcible sexual conduct. And yes it includes more than intercourse. The closeness in age you are referring to is fairly complicated to answer in this short space. Hope this helps.

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I would consult a local attorney but remember anytime anyone accused you of a crime you can be charged, you may win but it is her word against yours and if you are worried now you must know or feel something that has validity. if you are worried, why risk it. Life is short and your reputation is valuable be careful.

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