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Legal name change with prior felony

El Cajon, CA |

Can I legally change my first name if I have had a prior felony that is now expunged ? I am in California. If so what do I need to know and or do ? Any special requirements on my part as a prior felony?

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    Yes, you can legally apply for a name change. The procedures are complex. The real basis for denial of a name change application is if the court finds there is intended fraud involved. As long as there is no basis for finding fraud, the prior conviction should not iterfere.

  2. You can legally change your name but that will not erase your past. It it could every felon in CA would change their name. Your record might read after a name change "Old Name, also known as New Name" or vice versa. You can't escape the past.

  3. Yes you can change your name. Your criminal record will still come up in any background search.

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